Contribution Report

The Contribution Report is the employer’s responsibility. It details the employees for whom you must report and remit contributions.

This report must be submitted to SERS no later than five business days from the pay date/reporting date, and it must be submitted through eSERS by uploading a file in the required specifications or by manual entry.

Once your Contribution Report has been uploaded and processed, you will receive a message on the message board in eSERS. The message will indicate if the report was successfully processed and posted, or if it was successfully processed with errors or warnings.

If the file is processed with errors or warnings, you will need to correct the issues identified on the Contributions File Correction and Manual Contribition Entry option. Once all records are valid, you will be able to submit the file for posting.

How to Report Days

A day is any part of a day for which the employee is paid, whether for work or paid time off. This includes holidays, vacation, sick or personal leave, calamity days, and paid work on a weekend.

Report only the days that fall within the pay reporting period.

The days worked cannot exceed the number of days in a per pay schedule.

How to Report Hours

Report only those hours that fall within the per pay reporting period.

The hours worked cannot exceed the number of days reported, multiplied by 16 hours per day.

Contributing Service Credit

An employee receives service credit for the time worked for a school, college, or university. This is called contributing service credit. One year of service credit is granted upon completion of 120 or more days of paid school employment within a fiscal year, which is July 1 through the following June 30.

There is no distinction between full-time, part-time, or substitute positions in granting this service credit. Any portion of a day constitutes one full day. Paid days that are used, such as sick and vacation, count toward the 120 days.

If an employee works less than 120 days, the employee receives a fractional amount of service credit prorated on the basis of a 180-day school year with the result shown in the following chart: