Membership Determination Process

If a question exists as to whether an individual is an employee required to contribute to SERS, you should request a determination from SERS. This request should include:

If necessary, SERS will request additional information. Upon review, SERS’ staff will make an initial membership determination.

If you as the employer, or the individual whose position is at issue, questions the initial determination, you may submit any additional documentation for review, and the SERS staff will make a final membership determination.

After the final determination, an appeal may be taken to the SERS Retirement Board. The Board is responsible for a final determination of the individual’s employee status, and all decisions made by the Board are final.

In a case where an individual is determined to be an employee subject to membership in SERS and the services have already been provided, you will have 30 days to certify all earnings paid to the individual. Failure to certify the requested earnings will result in a charge to the employer for employee and employer contributions, and interest based on estimated figures.

Once the cost has been calculated and submitted, you have 30 days to send payment. If the payment is not received by SERS within 30 days of the notification, a charge will be made for collection through the Foundation Program or by direct billing.