News and Updates

Foundation Deduction Notices are now available on eSERS 

Please log on to eSERS and select the ‘2019 Foundation Deduction Notice’ in the Foundation Deduction Notice application.

If you need to update the Salary Estimate figure, please email the new amount to Employer Services.

You have until June 1, 2018 to submit any changes.


Employer Responsibilities

As an employer of SERS’ members, you play an important role in reporting, recording, and maintaining accurate retirement information for these members.

Employers are responsible for creating member enrollments for all SERS members, reporting contribution detail for each member, submitting employee contributions, and processing all contributions that are allocated to the Employer Trust Fund, which covers all employer payments to SERS. These employer functions are accomplished through SERS’ secure Electronic reporting system (eSERS) website. Just click the Employer Account Login button above or below to get started.