Compulsory Membership

Compulsory membership to SERS began in 1937. The membership criteria currently in effect began July 1, 1991.

Membership cannot be waived by either an employee or the employer. Membership is required for any employee who:

  • Is employed in a position where the individual is not required to have a certificate or license issued by the Ohio Department of Education under Ohio law
  • Performs the duties of a treasurer, business manager, or community school fiscal agent
  • Performs a service common to the normal daily operation of a school, even though the individual is paid by a business that has contracted with the school to perform the service

“Service common to the normal daily operation” means:

  • Any service required to be provided by a school or the provision of which is governed by law, statute, or rule
  • Any service necessary on a regular, continuous basis to the efficient operation of a school
  • Any service that, through custom and usage, has become a service commonly provided or procured by a school on a regular, continuous basis