Annual Employer Statement Balance and Payment

At the conclusion of each fiscal year, SERS issues an Employer Statement which recaps the fiscal year’s activity. This statement includes contribution and payment detail for the fiscal year.

When your Employer Statement is available, you will receive notice through the eSERS Message Board.

At the bottom of your statement, if the “Amount Due to SERS” is shown as a positive amount, it is a payment due to SERS. If the balance is less than $50, the balance is carried forward.

If the “Amount Due to SERS” is reflected as a credit balance, it is a refund due to the district. If the balance due to your district is less than $50, please contact SERS if you want a refund. Otherwise, SERS carries the balance forward.

Details of the transactions shown on your statement may be found in the Employer Statement application on eSERS.