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It is important to remit all payments promptly and accurately.

If an organization is remitting payments for more than one employer, separate remittance documents must be sent for each employer.

Payments of any contributions, or other charges or liabilities owed by an employer, may be remitted to SERS:

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  • Directly by payment with a check, money order, or electronic funds transfer
  • By deductions from the Foundation Program funds

Community schools must remit payments for employer liabilities through deductions from their Foundation Program funds. If a community school fails to remit any employee contribution payments, such amounts may be added to their deductions from the Foundation Program.


Checks and money orders should be mailed to the SERS lockbox at:

Columbus, Ohio 43260-1617

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Expedited payments to the bank for lockbox processing must be delivered prior to 11 a.m. for same-day processing to:

Huntington National Bank
7 Easton Oval
Attention: Wholesale Lockbox L-1617
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Payment remittance information can be entered electronically through eSERS, or can be submitted with the check or money order.


The Payment Remittance Form (15.20) acts as a remittance advice for all payments sent to SERS. 

This form:

  • Serves as the transmittal record for payments, such as employee or employer contributions, the employer surcharge, Early Retirement Incentive liabilities or Alternative Retirement Plan supplemental liabilities
  • Provides the employer’s certification of payments
  • Allows proper allocation of the payments to the correct SERS accounts
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This form is used only if remitting payments directly to SERS. It is not required if payment is by deduction from the Foundation Program.

The following information is required on the Payment Remittance Form:

  • Employer Name and Employer Identification Number, which is the five-digit, hyphenated number identifying the employer to SERS
  • Information on employee and employer contributions, including the payroll period covered by the payment, and amount of contributions
    • The payroll period should correspond to the Member Contribution Report submitted for the same period. The employer contributions, which are 14%, should include only themandatory employer contributions. It should not include employer paid pick-ups because these payments are being made for the direct benefit of the employee and are paid as employee contributions.
  • Information for each check or electronic payment remitted to SERS, including number, amount, effective date, and total for checks or electronic payments
    • The total amount of all checks or electronic payments should appear on the Payment Remittance Form.
  • Signature of the employer’s authorized fiscal officer, for the paper form only

Payment Remittance Forms may be entered electronically through eSERS.

Reminder: To avoid a penalty, the Payment Remittance Form should be submitted prior to or with your payment.


Electronic funds transfers may be made by debit or credit. An employer Payment Remittance Form can be completed online through eSERS prior to the receipt of funds, or faxed to: 614-340-1195.

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See the Payment Remittance section of this page for more informationa about the form.