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The premium you pay for SERS’ health care coverage includes medical and prescription drug coverage.

Premiums are based on:

  • Qualified years of service credit
  • Eligibility for a premium subsidy
  • Health care plan selected

If you enroll in dental and/or vision coverage, you will be charged additional premiums.

SERS automatically deducts the premiums for you and any dependents from your monthly

If your payment is not enough to cover your premiums, SERS will bill you for the remaining balance each month. The billed amount can be automatically deducted from your bank account. If you are interested in having your premiums automatically deducted, you must complete a Health Care Automatic Payment Authorization Agreement.

If monthly premiums are not paid, your coverage will be cancelled.

Premium Subsidy

SERS helps reduce health care premiums by providing a subsidy to those who qualify.

To be eligible to receive a premium subsidy, you must have at least 20 years of qualified service credit, or be receiving a disability benefit. In addition, at the time of retirement, disability, or separation from service, you must:

  • be eligible to participate in the health care plan of your last school employer, or
  • have been eligible to participate in the health care plan of your school employer at least three of the last five years of service

If you are eligible for your employer’s health care coverage but are a few years short of
20 years, it may be beneficial to work until you have 20 qualified years of service.

Spouse premiums are based on the qualified service credit of the benefit recipients.

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