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With few exceptions, anyone serving in a school position for which a teaching certificate is not required by the State Department of Education must be a member. This includes secretaries, custodians, business managers, teacher aides, bus drivers, food service personnel, etc.

Also, persons who perform a service common to the normal daily operation of a school district or educational unit, even though they may be paid by an outside contract company, must be members. Employees must become contributing members of the Retirement System from the first date of employment. Membership is optional only for employees with student status and school board members.

Combined Membership
This makes it possible to combine salary and service credit from the systems into one benefit. Member accounts are transferred at retirement, with the system holding the most service credit actually handling processing and payment. Double service credit cannot be given if a member pays into more than one system in the same year.
Member Address Change
Not only does an annual statement go out by mail, but also the board election ballots, News
and Views
, and the Member Handbook, which is updated and sent to all members every other year.   You can change your address online by using our Member Change of Address Form.
Inactive Membership

Eligibility for disability retirement terminates if a member has been out of active service for two years, and eligibility for survivor benefit lapses after 27 months. Regular retirement pensions, however, become payable whenever a member meets the age and service qualifications.