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In order to retire and begin receiving a monthly pension, you must complete and return a Service Retirement Application. It must be completely filled out and signed by you, and if necessary, by your spouse. The application must be returned with all the necessary documents. See the Required Document Checklist below.

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Once SERS receives your application, you will be sent a handout explaining the retirement process. SERS also will notify your employer that you have applied for retirement and the expected date of retirement. You must notify your employer in writing of your retirement date. If you work or receive paid leave beyond the date you stated on your application, your retirement date will be delayed and your pension will be affected.

If you indicated on the application that you wish to obtain additional service credit for which you may be eligible, SERS will notify you by mail of your cost to purchase any service credit. You must purchase all service credit prior to your effective retirement date.

No retirement is official until all forms have been completed, returned, and approved by SERS.

You should begin your retirement application process at least 90 days before your intended date of retirement.

If you die before the effective date of your retirement, your retirement will not take effect and your account will be processed as if you died while still working. This would be considered a survivor benefit.


This application must be typed or completed in INK, signed, and returned to SERS. No retirement will be approved until all forms are completed and returned to SERS along with any necessary documents.

The following information will help guide you through each section of the application. A copy of the application can be found here.

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  1. Personal Information

    Complete all the personal information requested. We need your telephone number and email address so that we can contact you if necessary.
  2. Retirement Information

    The date of your “last service” is the last date you were paid, whether for regular or substitute service, including used vacation or used sick leave.

    The date you provide for the “service retirement effective” date must be the first of a month. If you have a question regarding your service retirement effective date, please call SERS.
  3. Payment Plan Choice

    Check only one payment plan.

    Please list a beneficiary unless you are selecting Plan E or F, or multiple beneficiaries. If you select Plan E or F, or wish to designate more than one beneficiary under Plan B, SERS will send you a beneficiary form to complete.
  4. Health Care Application

    Complete this information if you are entitled to SERS’ health care coverage. You must have at least 10 years of qualifying service credit for coverage. You can find more information on health care in the Member Health Care Guide. If you select coverage, SERS will deduct premiums for this coverage from your monthly benefit payment.

    If you do not want health care coverage, you must sign the Waiver of Health Care in this part of the application. Otherwise, a premium will be deducted if you have at least 10 years of service credit.
  5. Direct Deposit Form

    When you apply for retirement, you will be required to complete a Direct Deposit Form. Retirement benefits are only paid by electronic transfer to savings or checking accounts. Direct deposit is safe, easy to set up, and convenient.

    Benefits of using direct deposit include:

    Dependability – your money will be in your account on the first business day of the month

    Peace of mind – your money will be safely and securely deposited into a bank account on days when you are out of town or unable to get to the bank

    Value – it is a free service that saves you time and money, and saves SERS money on printing and mailing costs

    Please complete a Direct Deposit Form so that your pension payment can be sent directly to your bank or other financial institution. Attach a voided check if the direct deposit will be to a checking account; do not attach a deposit slip. If the direct deposit is going to a savings account, provide only the account information.
  6. Spousal Consent

    If you are married, and you do not select Plan A with your spouse as the beneficiary, and/or you select a PLOP, then your spouse must sign the consent section in the presence of a notary public or SERS employee. Your current spouse does not have to sign if you are under a court order to select a payment plan naming your ex-spouse as a beneficiary and choose Plan F designating only your ex-spouse and current spouse as beneficiaries.
  7. Your Signature

    Please remember to sign the application in ink.

If any information on the application changes after you apply, notify SERS immediately. You may withdraw your application at any time before you receive your first benefit payment by notifying SERS in writing.


Before you mail your retirement application to SERS, check to see if you have:

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  • Written in your retirement date on page 1
  • Selected a beneficiary and a plan of payment on page 2
  • Completed the Health Care Application
    • If you are not taking health care, have you signed the waiver on page 3?
    • If you are taking health care, have you selected a provider on page 3 and signed on page 4?
  • Completed the Direct Deposit Form and signed on the bottom of page 5
  • Completed the PLOP selection on page 6
  • Made sure your spouse has completed the spousal consent on page 7 (if applicable)
    • If you select a PLOP, the spousal consent must be signed.
    • Spousal consent must be signed in the presence of a notary public.
  • Signed the Service Retirement Application on page 7
  • Provided phone number and email address


Please ensure that the following information is enclosed with your application and that your current name is written on the document copies:

  • Birth certificates (copies only)
    • Yourself
    • Spouse for Joint Survivor plans A, C, D, or F and/or health care coverage
    • Non-Spouse beneficiary for Joint Survivor plans C, D, or F
    • Spouse and dependents you want to enroll in SERS’ health care at retirement
  • Proof of your marriage to your current spouse by a copy of your marriage certificate
  • Mandatory Direct Deposit Form
  • Copy of cancelled check for direct deposit to your checking account
  • Copy of Medicare card
    • Self
    • Spouse