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eSERS Information

Registrations Sent

All registrations have been sent to the Employer Web Administrator (EWA) for each district. The EWA is responsible for granting access, assigning and deleting roles, and unlocking web users' accounts. If your district has not received a registration, please call Employer Services toll-free at 877-213-0861.



Click below for helpful tips on how to perform specific eSERS functions: 

Earnings Codes for Contribution Reporting

FY2017 Employer Statements

How to Apply Credit Memos

How to Extend a Payroll Schedule

How to Submit a Zero File for a Contribution

How to Manage Payroll Schedules for a Three-Week Pay Period

eSERS Quick Reference Guide


File Specifications

SERS Employer Reporting: Electronic Contribution File Definition

SERS Employer Reporting: Submitting Files for an Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP)

eSERS Upgrade Member Enrollment Upload and Enrollment File Specifications Guide


Training Materials

Access the eSERS Guide

Watch the eSERS Training Videos

Missed the training webinar or need a refresher?

Watch Part One of the eSERS Portal Webinar

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