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Free Service Credit


You may receive additional service credit at no cost for periods you received Workers’ Compensation. If you were off the payroll due to a school-related injury and received Workers’ Compensation, you could receive up to three years of service credit for this time with proof of such compensation.


You also may receive additional service credit at no cost for periods you received a disability benefit. To receive service credit for the period you received a disability benefit, you must earn two years of service credit after the SERS disability benefit has been terminated.


If you were a SERS member for at least one year, left school employment for active duty in the armed forces, and returned to public service covered by SERS, STRS, or OPERS within two years of a honorable discharge, you can obtain up to 10 years of free military service credit. You must submit a copy of your discharge or certificate of service notice. Duty in the armed forces includes active duty in: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, auxiliary corps as established by Congress, Army and Navy nurse corps, Red Cross nurse serving with the Army, Navy, Air Force, or U.S. hospital service, full-time service with the American Red Cross in a combat zone; or military national guard and reserve units called to active duty. This service cannot be added if it is or will be used in any other retirement program except Social Security.